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An Ode to Justice Michel Z. Charbonneau

In All, Satire on 2014/07/14 at 15:43


By Larry Byron
Law Society of Up Canada University
Ontario, Canada

An Ode to Justice Michel Z. Charbonneau
re: the defamation trial of St. Lewis v. Rancourt

Bravo Judge Charbonneau! Thanks to your judgement,
the balance of justice remains as it should:
when one side consists of the legal establishment,
there’s no doubt the other is up to no good!
That blogging defendant was simply too critical —
impugning the names of your colleagues and friends —
so your task from the start was correctly political:
to railroad his case to its impartial end!

Thus you dismissed his obscene allegations
that no reasonable person could ever find odd,
about your degrees and your yearly donations
to the same institution that sponsored the cause —
and so what if the plaintiff got full compensation
to hire the haughtiest lawyers in town?
it’s a battle of status, not argumentation —
the socratic defendant ought to have known!

But during this SRL’s opening statements,
he brazenly stooped toward pure common sense
and argued no damage was done to the claimant,
so Your Honour moved swiftly to erase his defence —
unpleasant employment of logic shows malice
and the whisper of “kangaroo court” made you cross,
so justice compels you to properly punish
this penniless menace: crush him with costs!

Though you’ve conquered critique of a big reputation
by imposing a ban against further attempts,
please follow the plaintiff’s astute exhortations
and lock up this critic on charge of contempt!
How else will “Canadian values” stay sheltered
from disparaging barbs and embarrassing stings,
but by the force of your wisdom, to make us know better
than open our mouths, lest we say the right things!

* This satirical poem is inspired by Lord Byron’s “An Ode to the Framers of the Frame Bill” about the British law of 1812 imposing the death penalty against Luddite “frame breakers”. 


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