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Keeping Criticism Honest and Civil

In All on 2013/10/17 at 05:45

Article by Professor Mark Mercer

“The question what laws should we have against defamation is always worth asking, but it’s especially pertinent now, given two cases presently before the courts. I’m referring to the suits against Ezra Levant, the writer and television show host, and Denis Rancourt, the activist and researcher who used to teach physics at the University of Ottawa.


The suit against Dr Rancourt was brought by Joanne St. Lewis, a law professor at the University of Ottawa. Ms St. Lewis claims that in 2011, Dr Rancourt defamed her in a blog post by calling her a house negro for advising U of O president Alan Rock that a report alleging systemic racial discrimination at the university was faulty.”

Read the full article at the website of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs.


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