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I Did Not Make Professor St. Lewis Sick

In All on 2013/07/19 at 13:12

by Hazel Gashoka

I was wrongfully accused, in public, of making Professor Joanne St. Lewis sick. This is my response:

In 2008 the student union released a public report which found systemic racism at the University of Ottawa. The University asked Black law expert, Professor Joanne St. Lewis, to act as an expert to criticize the student report in a responding public evaluation report. Professor St. Lewis found that there was no basis for affirming system racism at the University of Ottawa. In 2010, I tried to contact Professor St. Lewis because I was concerned that her report served to diminish the student complaints. Professor St. Lewis failed to respond to over half a dozen of my emails and when she finally responded, she advised me that “given what [she had] on [her] plate it would best to recontact [her] towards the end of May [2010] for a meeting”.   Read the rest of this entry »