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The Court’s Targets

In All on 2013/04/18 at 07:25

by Wayne Sawtell

I have attended a few of Denis Rancourt’s court hearings for the defamation case being waged against him with the unlimited financial support of the University of Ottawa. Denis said afterward that compared to hearings in which no one showed up to support him the judge and even the prosecution to a certain extent showed him much more respect, more than zero, which is not hard.

They actually took his legal arguments seriously and addressed what he said: that should be par for the course in a Canadian court of law, one would think. The bare minimum, really. Although Denis is the target of the lawsuit, it is worth bearing in mind that the public, those of us who show up and those of us who read the reporting on the case, are also a target, in a way. We are a target for propaganda of the system. Read the rest of this entry »