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U of O Racism, Censorship, and Abuse of Power: by Stephen Lendman

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“Academia is no safe haven. U of O isn’t alone. It’s one of the worst under Rock. Racism, censorship, abuse of power, and institutionalized injustice define his administration. He enforces what no one should tolerate.” – Stephen Lendman

Article at Daily Censored blog HERE.

University of Ottawa Racism, Censorship and Abuse of Power

by Stephen Lendman
February 26, 2013

In June 2008, Allan Rock became university president. He’s a former Canadian politician and UN ambassador. He’s a pro-Israeli flack. He supports its worst crimes.

His administration is unprincipled. It’s marked by secrecy, political censorship, abuse of power, and repudiation of fundamental university values.

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La Rotonde editorial on St. Lewis v. Rancourt (en français)

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“By engaging in a SLAPP suit, the U of O is trying to drain Rancourt financially and perform a political assassination of a man who’s just a bit too critical of the university’s hierarchical structure, systemic oppression, and the corporatization of knowledge.” – La Rotonde Editorial Committee (free translation)

La Rotonde, the independent francophone student newspaper of the University of Ottawa, issued an editorial about the St. Lewis v. Rancourt lawsuit today.

Read the full colour version here (in French): La Rotonde Editorial of Feb. 25, 2013

and online HERE.

Professor Joanne St. Lewis threatens to sue student Hazel Gashoka over video

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Email from Professor Joanne St. Lewis lawyer Richard Dearden

Un système judiciaire juste ?

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Opinion par Caroline Wang sur le cas St. Lewis c. Rancourt publié le 14 janvier 2013 dans La Rotonde, le journal étudiant francophone de l’Université d’Ottawa.

Cliquez ici pour accéder à l’article disponible sur le site web de La Rotonde ou sur l’icône “Read More” ci-dessous :

Un système judiciaire juste ?

– Par Caroline Wang – 

Je suis canadienne. Je n’ai aucune formation en droit, aucun statut, aucune relation dans notre système judiciaire canadien. Je suis de la classe moyenne, de la masse. Je n’ai aucun pouvoir dans notre système judiciaire.

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