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Did Professor Joanne St. Lewis act as Allan Rock’s house negro?

In All on 2011/12/01 at 22:08

The original February 11, 2011 post (source) at U of O Watch by Denis Rancourt.  The author’s opinions are his own:

* * *

February is Black History Month in Canada and the US. UofOWatch believes that it is the right time not only to honour Black Americans who fought for social justice against masters but also to out Black Americans who were and continue to be house negroes to masters.

The term “house negro” was defined by Malcolm X in his famous “The House Negro and the Field Negro” speech (see video below).

The same spirit prevailed when civil rights icon Ralph Nader suggested that US President Obama needed to decide if he was going to be an Uncle Tom: HERE.

The Student Appeal Centre (SAC) of the student union at the University of Ottawa today released documents obtained by an access to information (ATI) request that suggest that law professor Joanne St. Lewis acted like president Allan Rock’s house negro when she enthusiastically toiled to discredit a 2008 SAC report about systemic racial discrimination at the university.

See today’s SAC article HERE. See ATI documents released today by the SAC HERE.

At the time, the St. Lewis report was critiqued by UofOWatch: HERE.

The newly released ATI records are disturbing far beyond the nontenured professor St. Lewis’ uncommon zeal to serve the university administration:

The ATI records expose a high level cover up orchestrated by Allan Rock himself to hide the fact that the St. Lewis efforts were anything but “independent”, as she characterizes her report on the first page.

The SAC article posted today quotes Rock from the ATI documents explaining to his staff how to preserve the appearance of an independent report and the importance of preserving this appearance, in true experienced federal politician style.

This is a most damning revelation against the former Minister of Justice and former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, one that should disturb any university student learning about professional ethics.

Ironically, the original SAC report was about racial discrimination regarding academic fraud appeals; such as when an academic misrepresents his/her work as “independent” when it is verifiably and factually not “independent” (by any stretch!).

Former VP-Academic Robert Major is also found stating to a concerned student that the “independent” St. Lewis report will definitively resolve the matter (of the troublesome SAC report). In his November 2008 email Major actually says:

“The University has received and will make public this week an evaluation, by an independent assessor, of the report of the Student Appeals Centre. I believe this analysis will answer your questions on the mandate of the Senate Appeals Committee and on the whole appeals process. I invite you to read it carefully.”

When the bosses have such high professional ethics why would professors be any different?

More on the professional ethics of the bosses HERE.


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